S. S. Trudeau


  1. Jamuary 2022 - Review music jamuary
  2. Jamuary 2022 - Week 1 music jamuary
  3. A Solution in Search of a Problem a2council centerofthecircus
  4. Home Occupation Ordinance: Isn't this a job for an HOA? a2council zoning
  5. Preview: Anti-housing Bad Faith Parade a2council housing
  6. Letter to AAPS School Board On Ending After-Care a2council a2schoolboard AAPS
  7. Letter to City Council: North Main & Beakes a2council letter-to-my-representatives
  8. On Ann Arbor's "T1 Zoning" Draft annarbor localpolitics a2council
  9. An Ann Arbor Sort of Story annarbor
  10. Letter to City Council: Regulating Short-term Rentals a2council airbnb
  11. Transcription: Jennifer Hall's Comments to City Council, July 6th 2020 a2council local-politics affordable-housing segregation
  12. The Petty Corruption of a 'Concierge' City Council a2council local-politics
  13. Letter to City Council: Support pre-entitlement for 415 W Washington a2council letter-to-my-representatives
  14. Letter to City Council: Thumbs down for the State crosswalk law a2council letter-to-my-representatives
  15. Letter to City Council: Oppose C1A & C1A/R Moratorium Resolution a2council letter-to-my-representatives
  16. Ann Arbor's Political Factions Aren't a Problem a2council
  17. Ann Arbor / Washtenaw August 2020 Primary a2council
  18. The "Fake News" Defense a2council affordable-housing climate streets