S. S. Trudeau

We're Goin' - Jamuary 3, 2022

I wrote & recorded this whole thing this evening, after picking up the banjo for the first time in a few months and noodling on a super basic chord progression. Featuring me on real instruments 😳 (guitar and banjo) and singing 😳😳. (Bass & cheesy fiddle solo are virtual instruments).


We got a babysitter
We're goin' out tonight
We're gonna get steak dinner
Lit up with candlelight

We're gonna see a movie
Go and get a tipple
Walk around the city
Make each other giggle

The babysitter cancelled
Not goin' out tonight
We're microwaving dinner
Tryin' not to fight

Watchin' more TV
Crack open a six pack
Feet up on the table
Lean ourselves way back

We bought plane tickets
We're goin' overseas
Gonna see the sights
And do just what we please

We'll hit up a museum
Hang our feet off the dock
Wander the old quarter
Never check a clock

The borders are all shut
We're stuck here on the ground
Our planes not takin' off
Guess we'll stick around

Another staycation
Tryin' not to freeze
And focus on survivin'
This goddamn disease

We're getting' back to normal
Heading off to school
Setting up the office
Splashin' at the pool

Plan another trip
Throw a big party
Host a big meeting
Thank god we're finally free

We're goin' all remote
Shutting it back down
Everyone's at home
All around the town

A return to normal
Was just around the bend
Is it time realize this
This is never gonna end

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