S. S. Trudeau

Shower Jam - Jamuary 11, 2022

One of my favorite time-killer apps on my phone is the Koala Sampler. It is ridiculously easy to quickly capture and edit sounds using the phone microphone and then arrange them into loops of beats. It is limited but extremely intuitive and I continue to find interesting and deep ways to use it. I often will pull it up and start playing around when I'm waiting for my kid or (back in pre-pandemic times) sitting out at a restaurant or wherever. Tonight I was on kid shower duty so we collaborated on this one. She helped me capture different random sounds from the bathroom while she took her shower and got ready and then I arranged them into some loops with her advice. This recording is a mediocre playthrough of the beat loops with me playing around with some of Koala's live effects. If you're at all interested in making little beats and melodies, I can't recommend this app enough. You can make music out of literally anything that is around you.

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