S. S. Trudeau

On the Way Out - Jamuary 13, 2022

I have to say goodbye to the Moog Grandmother tomorrow, as it's due at the AADL. I set up to do a little jam with some little friends (Volca Keys, NTS-1 & Drumbrute Impact) but it took me so long to get everything hooked up I didn't have much time to play, so I just dialed in a bass line and some pads and did some bad improv on the keys over it all for a bit.

I recorded this into my handheled Zoom recorder which is entirely inadequate to the task. This whole experience is motivating for getting my basement space set up (new table comes next week) so I can have things wired up and ready to go and record so I spend less time moving things around, plugging them in and hunting for cables, and more time making music. Also for working on my keyboard skills because I like free jamming to background loops but I am not great at it. Also, I will probably be selling a few things off to buy a Moog-alike of some kind (probably a used Boog because it is cheap and pretty similar in character) because I fell in love with the Moog sound; anyone looking for a Minibrute 2S, Volca Keys, PO-33 or PO-14?

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