S. S. Trudeau

Moog Lang Syne - Jamuary 2, 2022

Today's entry is a morose and mildly unsettling take on Auld Lang Syne, suiting the beginning of this year. The bass drone is a Moog Grandmother on loan from the Ann Arbor District Library. Joining it is a Dreadbox Dysphonia synth module for the wind-y lead voice (and echo/delay), Michigan Synthworks Rings module for the bells and a hacked Erica Synths Pico DSP with a Halls of Valhalla DSP reverb chip installed. The voices are all sequenced with a Keystep Pro and I performed the mixer & effects tweaks all in one take. I cheated and threw a huge reverb (Valhalla Super Massive) on the very end (it feels like it never ends, like the pandemic) in post but otherwise didn't do any processing.

I tried to take a video of the jam and failed. Hopefully I'll have a stable video setup soon.

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