S. S. Trudeau

Lazy Twins near the Dumpster by the Weird Castle - Jamuary 10, 2022

My basement music space is unusably disorganized while I wait for a new table, so most of my modular stuff is laying around unassembled. I had some ideas to try with some new synth modules I've built and/or picked up used in the last couple months, so I put this rack together to try them. Most of them didn't work out at all. This jam is what I ended up with. I wouldn't call it unlistenable but I also wouldn't suggest you listen to it.

This jam featuring Castor & Pollux from Winterbloom for that Juno-sounding voice and a module based on the Kastle Drum from Bastl for weird percussion. I love them both. I don't love them both togeher and they really didn't need that kick drum. Also, I need to figure out a better way to record the module than my little portable Zoom handheld recorder once the basement is set up. Anyway! Tomorrow is another day and another jam.

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