S. S. Trudeau

I'm Delighted - The Mayor & His Allies - Jamuary 4, 2022

This one goes out to the #A2Council hashtag from the Mayor & his Allies, the first demo track for our long-awaited debut album.

(I've had the bones of this one kicking around for months, so used today's Jamuary slot to actually write the lyrics and record a demo).


Monday night, 7 o'clock
Gavel bangs right on the dot
It's 'bout time for the meeting to begin

A motion has been moved
The agenda has been approved
No time to mill around
It's time to settle down

I'm delighted … we are all here
I'm delighted … to have your ear
I'm delighted … with all we do
I'm delighted … to acknowledge you

They're ramblin' 'bout conspiracies,
minions, despic-a-ble me
A tempest in a tiny little pot

It's all meant to distract
from the work, we need to act
I'd like to move us all along
But they just keep going on
and on and on and on and on
But we'll make it through all right
We're gonna be here all night!

I'm delighted … you're with us, still
I'm delighted … we passed the bill
I'm delighted … we compromised
I'm delighted … you're recognized

We always get it done
Even if it takes too long
I'm glad we saw this through
Let's move on to something new

I'm delighted … we're at the end
I'm delighted … to've seen you, friends
I'm delighted … this corner turned
I'm delighted … we are adjourned

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