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A Very Florida Experience

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Our quick family trip to visit family in Florida in November was extended by a few days thanks to Hurricane Nicole. We were looking for inexpensive things to do. Our 9-year-old is currently obsessed with lizards and snake, so we decided to check out the Reptile World Serpentarium outside of St. Cloud.

This place is a classic American roadside attraction next to a highway in a place in between places, with a giant cobra sculpture out front. The kind of place with a minivan seat stored in their gift-shop entrance.

Photo of a seat bench from the rear of a minivan inside a gift shop surrounded by snake and reptile-themed toys]

We didn't know what to expect but learned we'd arrived just in time for the "venom show." We made our way to the small presentation area where the owner, with slicked-back grey hear, wearing wraparound sunglasses and missing half of one finger, was giving an informative, rambling presentation. We learned that this site is one of just a few that harvests venom from a variety of snakes used in research and the production of anti-venom.

Eventually, the presenter warned us he was about to shift gears for an important message. He told us multiple stories of ...

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